Construction Planning, Management & Development
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Educational Facilities

Tony's background in educational facility planning and construction is unparalleled. He has served

as a
Principal and Assistant Superintendent, Interim 

Superintendent, Executive 
Director and CEO of The

Council of Educational 
Facility Planners,

International (CEFPI), Consultant and

Representative Construction


Tony has worked with school districts across the country, in urban, suburban and rural areas.

He has
 been directly responsible for the planning

and construction
of elementary schools, middle schools,

high schools,
athletic facilities, performing arts centers,

construction and renovations, including historic

Tony combines an educational

administrator's background with hands-on planning and

construction experience that offers a visionary

perspective, strong leadership and 
exceptional results.

"Students will carry the information we impart to them today to future generations. That is 
the most sustainable aspect of the entire sustainibility movement."
- Tony J. Wall

Fort Huachuca Colonel Smith Middle School Facility Project